Alpha Shapewear makes chest binders; a compression undergarment for creating a flat chest. Which lessens the feeling of gender dysphoria regarding the chest with ftm (female-to-male) transgender and non-binary people.

Each binder is handmade according to the measurements of the customer. Each order is made separately. The benefit of that is that the binder will be made for you specifically, not for a standard size.
Standardized size charts like EU36/EU38 differ at least 4cm from each other, and with S/M/L sizing that is even more. For a compression garment that can make a lot of difference. Not just in how well it works and looks, but also in comfort.
Imagine walking in shoes that are a size too small or too large. You will be able to walk in it, sure, but your feet will start to hurt and you will not be able to walk on them all day. Because binders are so close fit, wearing a wrong size can be equally uncomfortable.
With a custom size you have a binder that is made for you with the best compression capable, without hurting your body.

Start of Alpha Shapewear…

Before I started Alpha the main issue I personally had once I started binding, is not finding the right fit. One size was too small, other too big or just completely misfitting, I felt miserable. Considering I would have to wait a long time before I was able to get my mastectomy I refused to give up and decided to make my own perfectly fitted binder using my education as a tailor.
After making several prototypes and testing out with different fabrics, I had the perfect one! One that gave me exactly wat I wanted; a flat chest and fit!
Now I want to share this with others because you should to be able to get a binder, knowing you have the best fit & compression you will be able to achieve, while feeling comfortable, and by extension feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Alpha Shapewear is located in the Netherlands and ships worldwide. Since 2018.

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