Alpha shapewear binders are handmade according to the measurements of the customer. Due to that the price is higher than a binder made by a wholesale company. They are able to offer lower prices because they order limited sizes in bulk at a manufacturer.
Alpha is a one person company. Each order is made separately. The benefit of that is that the binder will be made for you specifically, not for a standard size.
Standardized size charts like EU36/EU38 differ at least 4cm from each size, and with S/M/L sizing that is even more. For a compression garment that can make a lot of difference. Not just in how well it works and looks, but also in comfort.
Imagine walking in shoes that are a size too small or too large. You will be able to walk in it, sure, but your feet will start to hurt and you will not be able to walk on them all day. Because binders are so close fit, wearing a wrong size can be equally uncomfortable.
With a custom size you have a binder that is made for you with the best compression capable, without hurting your body.
Making a binder is a time intensive garment. Not only because each order is custom made but also because the stretch fabric requires a lot of steps in preparation to be sewn and have a neat result. Each binder takes about 6 hours to complete. Price also includes costs of materials, packaging, sewing machines, website, bookkeeping and of course taxes.

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